Artist Statement

Koji Nakasato, a Japanese photographer
I strive to capture the subtle moments of everyday life in New York, communicating their beauty, emotions, contradictions and conflicts through photography.
As a Japanese individual, New York has always been a captivating place, characterized by its coexistence of different cultures, landscapes, and people. Each interaction and minor events that take place around this city are the inspirations for my creative endeavors. I aim to reveal the underlying beauty and unique essence within such everyday experiences.
My photography works intentionally mix reality with abstract expressions. While capturing real-life scenes, I attempt to enhance the beauty in those moments through photography, offering the audience a fresh perspective and inspiration.
Photography has the power to convey compelling messages voicelessly. I have a passion for using photography as a means to convey emotions and stories. Photography evokes joy, surprise, sorrow, and empathy. I aspire to pursue images that deeply resonate with people’s hearts, leaving a strong impact on those who see them.
Moreover, I continue to pursue technical expertise and elevate my creativity, consistently learning new techniques for shooting and editing. My works incorporate delicate color expressions, compositions, and unique views, which complete my distinctive style.
I am committed to pursuing photography with passion while capturing those shining moments in everyday life. I promise to continue offering photographs that move and resonate deeply with people’s hearts.